Project Overview
Connie Phase II
A communications dashboard that connects nonprofits to older adults.
Product Manager
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Currently building a realtime communications center to connect older American adults with community business organizations.

The Problem

In the United Sates, older adults make up a significant portion of the population that is adopting digital technology.

Nonprofit community-based organizations (CBOs) serve as a bridge between older adults and community services. However, many CBOs are not equipped to provide digital services to older adults and often have outdated workflows to manage case management and client communications.

The Solution

After conducting some market research, the American Society on Aging (ASA) commissioned a project to build a communications dashboard that connects CBOs to older adults. The dashboard will provide a realtime communications center that will allow CBOs to manage client communications and provide digital services to older adults.


  • Voice calls: CBOs can make and receive voice calls to older adults.
  • SMS chat: CBOs can chat with older adults in realtime using text.
  • Case file notes: CBOs can take notes on client interactions and store them in a case file.
  • SSO integration: CBOs can integrate with their existing SSO provider to manage user access.


I onboarded two designers to assist in preparing product UI. Our goal was to create a product that felt modern but also approachable.

Designs were created using Figma and are available for review on request.